Pentag Stampi - Produzione materie plastiche a Firenze

Design is an essential marketing tool.

Collaborate with a highly technical partner is crucial to combine effective feasibility, appeal requirements and economic aspects.

We have been manufacturing in our history thousands of different containers, from smooth and simple shapes to highly technical and challenging articles. Our internal database offers an infinity of information related to the characteristics of each containers which gives us the tools to design new containers optimizing the performance of the moulds.

Design of moulds and accessories is made by means of 2D and 3D CAD software and the choice of materials used during manufacturing is accurately made considering the type of raw material of every container, the bottle weight and the production cycle time required.

Advanced technology features.

We ensure such features by adopting advanced technology in designing the mould cooling system and by using materials approved by the most important companies in the metallurgic industry.

What makes our success is the capability developed in 50 years to find solutions which meet customers requirements, assuring the best performance and reliability possible.